36 Spooky Abandoned Places That Will Give You Goosebumps

36 Spooky Abandoned Places That Will Give You Goosebumps


Have you ever felt a spooky shiver down your spine, but then also thought, “Wow, this is kind of beautiful?” You know, like when you walk past an old empty house or through a quiet forest? Well, imagine that feeling but way stronger. That’s what it’s like to explore abandoned places.

Spooky abandoned haunted house

These aren’t just regular old ghost towns, though. We’re talking about ancient places that are frozen in time. There are castles falling apart, taken over by plants and trees. And guess what? Even whole islands have been swallowed up by the sea!

1. The Sunken Statue with a Story – Italy

Did you know there’s a statue of a religious figure chilling underwater in Italy? It’s pretty big, like two tall people standing on each other’s shoulders. This statue has been hanging out at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea since 1954. It’s a memorial for a diver who passed away, and it even got its arm broken by a boat anchor once! But don’t worry, it’s all fixed now and still stands strong under the waves.

2. Gold Rush Town Frozen in Time – California

Ever wondered what it was like to live in a real-life ghost town? Well, head on over to Bodie, California! This place was buzzing with 10,000 people back in the 1870s and 1880s when folks found gold nearby. But now, it’s a quiet historical park. The cool thing is, some parts of the town are frozen in time. You’ll find tables still set for dinner and shops with stuff still on the shelves! It’s like stepping back in time to the Wild West.

3. Luxury Hotel Gone Wild – Croatia

Picture a super fancy hotel on a Croatian island, complete with a huge pool and a modern vibe. It sounds like paradise, right? Well, that was the Haludovo Palace Hotel in its prime. This place was the spot for rich folks back in the day, with parties, gambling, and even caviar on the menu! But sadly, the good times didn’t last forever. The hotel closed down in 1991, and now it’s totally overrun with weeds and broken glass.

4. A Boom Goes the Castle! – New York

Ever heard of a castle in New York? Well, there was one! Bannerman Castle was built on an island to store stuff from a war. But guess what? Kaboom! A big explosion in 1920 blew a bunch of it up. Now, it’s just a cool, creepy ruin. It’s like a reminder that castles weren’t always about kings and queens. Sometimes, they were just for storing stuff…that could explode.

5. Soldier’s Paradise Turned Ghostly Resort – Croatia

Kupari, a fancy beach resort in Croatia, was once the go-to vacation spot for soldiers and their families. Even presidents like Tito would hang out there! There were five hotels, all top-notch, where everyone could relax and have fun. But sadly, those good times didn’t last. The resort has been empty for almost 30 years now, and it’s pretty creepy. But if you like exploring spooky places, Kupari is definitely worth a visit. Just be careful of the broken glass!

6. The Abandoned Tower of Terror – London

This place isn’t for the faint of heart! The Tower of London is like a super creepy time capsule of England’s dark past. Kings used to do some seriously messed up stuff here, like torturing and killing people for fun. Yikes! People say it’s super haunted, with ghosts roaming around and even kids playing without making a sound. Some visitors even say they felt a cold breath on their necks! It’s open to tourists, but you might want to think twice before visiting after dark…

7. Diamond Town Buried in Sand – Namibia

Back in the 1900s, Kolmanskop, Namibia, was the place to be! Diamonds were everywhere, and people were partying in mansions and fancy buildings. They even had a ballroom, a hospital, and a bowling alley! But when the diamonds ran out, everyone packed up and left in a hurry, leaving their stuff behind. Now, the desert is slowly taking over the town. It’s pretty crazy to see how quickly a whole town can disappear, but Kolmanskop is proof that it can happen.

8. Domes Under the Sea – Florida

Remember those sci-fi movies with crazy dome houses? Well, there’s a real-life version in Cape Romano, Florida! These dome-shaped homes were built back in 1981, and they’ve been sitting empty ever since. They’re kind of cool but also a little spooky. Plus, there’s lots of drama surrounding what should be done with them. Some people want to fix them up, others want to tear them down. Me? I say leave them be.

9. Giant Cooling Tower with a Dirty Past – Belgium

This massive cooling tower in Belgium was once part of a huge power plant that burned coal to keep the lights on. But it turns out, it was also a big polluter, responsible for 10 percent of the country’s carbon emissions! People protested, and the plant shut down in 2007. Now, it’s just a big, empty building with a weird, but kind of beautiful cooling tower.

10. Church Full of Ghosts (But Not the Scary Kind) – Czech Republic

This church in the Czech Republic might give you the chills! St. George’s Church was abandoned back in 1968 because the roof fell in during a funeral. Spooky, right? People started to believe it was haunted, so they left it alone. But guess what? An artist named Jakub Hadrava filled the church with 32 life-size ghost statues! They’re not real ghosts, of course, but they’re still pretty eerie.

11. Abandoned Castle Built for Love – New York

This fancy castle in New York was a gift from an architect to his wife. How romantic, right? But sadly, they never got to live in it. The architect passed away, and his wife ended up in a hospital. Now, people say the Dundas Castle is haunted by her ghost! It’s a sad story, but it adds to the mystery of this beautiful abandoned castle.

12. Graffiti-Covered Mansion with a Secret Past – Singapore

This super cool mansion in Singapore looks like it’s straight out of an old movie. It was built for a rich guy back in the day, but after World War II, it became a hotel for a while. Then, things got a bit messy with some legal troubles, and the house has been empty ever since. Now, it’s covered in graffiti and plants are growing everywhere! You can get pretty close, but it’s not safe to go inside because it’s kind of falling apart.

13. The Cursed Fort – India

Bhangarh Fort in India is like something straight out of a horror movie! Built in the 1600s, it’s rumored to be cursed by an angry sorcerer. He got mad when a princess rejected his love potion, and before he died, he cursed the whole kingdom to a terrible fate. People say the fort is haunted by ghosts, and visitors have even met with bad luck after exploring it. The government even put up signs warning people to get out before dark! Spooky stuff, indeed.

14. Forts in the Middle of the Sea? – United Kingdom

Yep, that’s right! During World War II, the UK built some crazy forts right in the middle of the sea to defend against the Germans. These forts, called Maunsell Sea & Air Forts, were built on stilts and designed by a clever engineer named Guy Maunsell. They were pretty cool, but they closed down in the 1950s. If you’re lucky, you can still see some of the leftover pieces from the shore at East Beach Park in Southend-on-Sea.

15. Little Cottage Lost in the Woods – Germany

There’s this tiny abandoned cottage in Germany tucked away in the mountains near Bavaria. It used to be a fishing cottage, but now it’s just sitting there, getting older and older. The weird thing is, it’s in this super beautiful national park with crystal-clear water and snow-capped peaks. But the cottage is just… forgotten. It makes you wonder about the people who used to live there and the fish they caught.

16. Hotel Stuck in Time – Croatia

This hotel in Croatia, the Haludovo Palace Hotel, is like a time capsule. It looks kind of futuristic, but it’s also falling apart, so it’s like it’s from the past too. It was built in 1971, and it was a pretty swanky spot back then. Movie stars and even world leaders used to hang out there! But then, war happened, and people stopped visiting. It closed for good in 2001. Now, it’s pretty run-down, but it’s still cool to see. It’s like a reminder of how things can change so quickly.

17. Sunken Tower in an Italian Lake – Italy

That mysterious bell tower you might have seen on Instagram poking out of a lake in Italy? It’s not just a cool photo op. The tower is actually part of an old village that was flooded back in the day to create a bigger lake. They blew up most of the buildings with explosives (crazy, right?), but they left the tower standing because it was from way back in the 14th century.

18. Castle with a Crazy Past – Belgium

Miranda Castle in Belgium has been through a lot! It was built as a summer home for a rich family way back in the 1800s by an English architect named Edward Milner. During World War II, the Nazis moved in and used it as a base. Can you imagine that? After the war, it became a vacation spot for railway workers, then an orphanage. But the story doesn’t end there. In 1991, they just up and abandoned the castle because it cost too much to keep running.

19. Castle for Bombs on a Tiny Island – New York

Fifty miles north of New York City, on a tiny island, there’s this spooky castle called Bannerman Castle. It was built in 1900 as a storage spot for bombs and other military stuff. They even built a fancy Scottish-style castle on top! But in 1920, a bunch of the stuff they were storing exploded, ruining a big part of the place. And to make things worse, a fire in the 1960s caused even more damage. Now, it’s a popular spot for tours. You can take a boat to the island and explore the ruins.

20. Abandoned Romanian Forest with a Weird Vibe – Romania

The Hoia Forest in Romania is called the “Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania” for a reason. People have disappeared there, and those who’ve been brave enough to visit talk about strange feelings, rashes, and even seeing UFOs! The trees are twisted and creepy, and some say witches practice magic there. There are even stories about a girl who vanished for five years, only to reappear the same age and wearing the same clothes!

21. The ‘Paris of the East’ Now a Jungle – India

Ross Island, once a fancy British settlement in India, was like the “Paris of the East.” It had everything – dance halls, bakeries, clubs, you name it! But then an earthquake hit in 1941, and things went downhill fast. The Japanese invaded, and the island got passed back and forth between the Brits and the Japanese. It wasn’t until 1979 that the Indian Navy took over and set up a small base. Now, the island is mostly overgrown with plants and trees.

22. Henry Ford’s Amazonian Flop – Amazon

Henry Ford, the car guy, once tried his hand at rubber plantations… in the Amazon rainforest. He built Fordlândia, a mini American town complete with houses, a hospital, and even a golf course. Talk about ambitious! But the jungle wasn’t having it. Disease, rebellious trees, and unhappy workers turned this dream into a total bust. Now, it’s a quirky ghost town in the middle of nowhere, a reminder that even the best-laid plans can go seriously sideways.

23. Shipwreck Gone Wild – Sydney

The SS Ayrfield, a trusty WWII workhorse, now rests in Sydney’s Homebush Bay. Back in the day, this was a bustling port, but as things slowed down, it became a graveyard for old ships. The Ayrfield was one of them, but nature had other plans. Instead of rusting away, it’s now a spooky floating forest draped in mangrove trees. It’s like something out of a pirate’s nightmare, a chilling reminder that nature always has the last word.

24. Ghost Town Frozen in Time – Italy

Perched atop a hill in southern Italy, Craco has seen it all. From its medieval beginnings to its sudden abandonment in the 1990s due to landslides and floods, this ghost town is a haunting time capsule. Its crumbling buildings and empty streets whisper stories of a bygone era. But Craco’s story didn’t end there. It found a second life on the silver screen, starring in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.”

25. A Hauntingly Historic Hospital – Germany

This massive hospital complex outside Berlin has seen some serious stuff. First, it was a place for folks with lung problems to chill and heal. Then, during the wars, it patched up soldiers, even a young Adolf Hitler. After that, it became a Soviet hospital for a while. Now, it’s abandoned, a creepy maze of crumbling buildings where nature’s taken over. Peeling paint, shattered windows, overgrown vines… it’s like stepping into a horror movie, but the chills you get are from the weight of history.

26. Prison of Horrors – USA

This spooky castle-like prison in Pennsylvania was designed to break spirits, not just bodies. Inmates lived in total isolation, with hoods over their heads whenever they left their cells. Punishments were brutal, with freezing baths, torture devices, and even a chair that could crush bones. Al Capone did time here, and the place is rumored to be haunted. Today, you can visit as a tourist, but be warned: the chilling vibes are real.

27. City Devastated by Disaster – Ukraine

Pripyat, once a bustling Soviet city, is now a chilling time capsule. In 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster forced a mass evacuation, leaving everything behind. Toys scattered on kindergarten floors, dishes rotting in sinks, it’s like everyone vanished in the blink of an eye. Radiation still lingers, making it a no-go zone, a haunting reminder of the terrifying power of the atom and the fragility of human existence.

28. The Village That Nature Reclaimed – China

Imagine a village where nature has completely taken over. That’s Houtouwan, a former fishing community on Shengshan Island, China. Decades ago, folks moved inland, leaving this once-bustling village to the mercy of nature. Now, it’s a surreal sight: houses draped in ivy, streets swallowed by greenery. It’s like something out of a fairy tale, but with a hint of melancholy. A few folks still live on the island, selling water to the occasional visitor who stumbles upon this hidden gem.

29. The Abandoned Concrete Battleship – Japan

Hashima Island, nicknamed “Battleship Island” for its imposing silhouette, was once a bustling coal mining community. Imagine an entire town crammed onto a tiny island, complete with apartment buildings, schools, and even a hospital. But when the coal ran out, the island was abandoned, leaving behind a concrete ghost town. Now, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site.

30. Where Luxury Met Horror – Philippines

This abandoned hotel in the Philippines isn’t your average ghost story. It was once a place of luxury, but during WWII, it became a scene of unspeakable horrors at the hands of the Japanese army. The ghosts of those atrocities are said to linger in its crumbling walls. It was even bombed by the Americans and later turned into a swanky hotel, but that didn’t last long. Now, it’s a magnet for those drawn to its dark past and eerie atmosphere.

31. Whispers of a Headless Ghost – Romania

Trivale Forest in Romania holds a dark secret. Legend whispers of a wealthy man, driven by rage, who murdered his own daughter and her lover within its shadowy depths. Locals say the forest is now haunted by the ghost of the headless girl, seeking vengeance on those who dare enter. Even more chilling, there have been whispers of satanic rituals taking place here, adding another layer of darkness to this already eerie place.

32. The Abandoned Communist Party’s Spaceship – Bulgaria

The Buzludzha Monument in Bulgaria looks like something straight out of a sci-fi flick. Seriously, it’s this giant, saucer-shaped building perched on a mountaintop. The Communist Party built it as a tribute to, well, themselves. But when the government fell in 1989, it was abandoned. Now, it’s a graffiti-covered shell of its former glory, a stark reminder of the rise and fall of communist power in Bulgaria.

33. A Village Lost to the Volcano – Indonesia

Simacem, a peaceful village in North Sumatra, is now a ghost town. Mount Sinabung, a volcano that had been quiet for hundreds of years, suddenly woke up, spewing ash and lava. The villagers had to run for their lives, leaving everything behind. Now, Simacem is frozen in time. Empty houses, forgotten toys, and a spooky silence fill the streets, a chilling reminder of nature’s fury and the fragility of human life.

34. The Soviet Union’s Secret Underwater Lair – Ukraine

This eerie underwater base in Balaklava, Ukraine, was once the Soviet Union’s hush-hush hideaway for nuclear-armed submarines. It’s like something straight out of a spy movie, hidden beneath the waves, packed with Cold War tech. After the Soviet Union fell apart, this spooky lair was left to decay. Now, you can explore its dark tunnels and imagine the deadly submarines that once called it home.

35. A Lonely Sentinel on a Rocky Shore – Russia

This spooky lighthouse on Sakhalin Island, Russia, is like something out of a ghost story. It’s been standing there since the 1930s, watching over the stormy seas. Built by the Japanese, it was used by both Japanese and Russian soldiers during the war. Now it’s abandoned, a lonely figure on the rocky coast. But it’s not totally empty. Some brave explorers have found old belongings hinting at the lives once lived here.

36. Whispers in the Wind – Hong Kong

Kuk Po, a ghost village in the New Territories of Hong Kong, is a place where silence speaks volumes. This once-thriving farming community now stands empty, its crumbling houses whispering tales of a life long gone. It’s a bit eerie, with just a few wanderers seeking shelter in the abandoned buildings. If you’re brave enough to venture here, check out the old village school, now partially transformed into a small temple.

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