40 Royal Rules That Drove Meghan Markle Away

40 Royal Rules That Drove Meghan Markle Away


Ever wondered what it’s like being a royal? Spoiler alert: it’s not all tiaras and tea parties. Meghan Markle, our favorite American princess, has a pretty long list of things she can’t do now. From political restrictions to fashion rules, her royal life comes with a unique set of guidelines that would make anyone’s head spin.

Meghan Markle royal rules

But don’t worry, we’ve got the scoop! Ready for a royal rundown? Let’s dive into the 35 things Meghan Markle can’t do as a royal. Trust me, some of these will surprise you and might make you appreciate your freedom to wear bright nail polish or take a selfie anytime you want!

1. Ballot Box Blues: Meghan’s Vote Doesn’t Count!

Think becoming a Duchess means you get a say in who runs the country? Not for Meghan! As a royal, she couldn’t cast a ballot in the 2019 UK general election, nor could she publicly express her views on Brexit, a major political issue at the time. While the rest of us were debating the future of the country, Meghan had to keep her opinions to herself and maintain a strict political neutrality.

2. Running for Office? Not on the Queen’s Watch!

Meghan Markle, with her background in activism and social justice, might have made a great politician. But as a royal, her career options were severely limited. Running for office was completely off the table, as it would have violated the royal family’s apolitical stance. Instead of campaigning for change, Meghan had to focus on her royal duties and charitable endeavors.

3. Autograph Hunters? Sorry, No Meghan Markle Scribbles!

If you were lucky enough to meet Meghan Markle during her time as a working royal, you might have been tempted to ask for an autograph. But you would have been disappointed. Royals are forbidden from signing autographs due to the risk of forgery. Instead, fans had to settle for a handshake and a polite conversation, with no personalized souvenirs to take home.

4. Selfie with the Duchess? Dream On!

In the age of social media, we’re all used to snapping selfies with our favorite celebrities. But Meghan Markle wasn’t your average celeb. As a royal, she had to maintain a certain level of decorum and avoid any behavior that could be seen as undignified. That meant no selfies with fans, no matter how much they begged. Instead, formal photoshoots were the only way to capture a moment with the Duchess.

5. Neon Nails? Not in Buckingham Palace!

Meghan Markle was known for her chic and modern style, but she had to tone it down when she joined the royal family. Brightly colored nail polish was a no-no, as it was considered too flashy and attention-grabbing. Instead, Meghan had to stick to neutral shades like pale pink and beige, a far cry from the bold colors she might have worn on the red carpet.

6. Tweet Tweet? Not Without Royal Approval!

You might think Meghan could fire off a tweet about her favorite avocado toast recipe or share a cute snap of Archie on Instagram, but think again! Royals don’t get to run their own social media accounts. Every post, every story, every tweet is carefully crafted and approved by the palace. So, while we’re over here posting our random thoughts and embarrassing selfies, Meghan had to stick to the official royal script. Talk about a social media snoozefest!

7. Speaking Her Mind? Not on Royal Time!

Sure, Meghan has plenty of thoughts and opinions on everything from politics to fashion, but as a royal, she had to keep her mouth shut. Public neutrality is the name of the game, so no controversial statements or hot takes for this Duchess. It’s like being in a never-ending game of “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Press?”

8. Legs Crossed? Not the Royal Way!

While we might casually cross our legs at the knee, Meghan had to adopt a more ladylike posture. Royals sit with their legs together and angled to the side, a position known as “the Duchess Slant.” It might look elegant, but it doesn’t sound very comfortable, does it?

9. Career Girl? Nope, Full-Time Royal!

Before marrying Prince Harry, Meghan had a successful acting career, but that all had to change when she became a Duchess. Royal duties take up a lot of time and energy, leaving little room for other pursuits. So, while we’re busy climbing the corporate ladder or pursuing our passions, Meghan had to focus on ribbon cuttings and charity events.

10. Shellfish? Not on the Royal Menu!

Lobster, crab, oysters… all off-limits for Meghan! Royals are advised to avoid shellfish due to the risk of food poisoning. I guess they don’t want any royal tummy aches getting in the way of their busy schedules. While we’re slurping down oysters and cracking crab legs, Meghan had to stick to the chicken and veggies. Talk about a culinary sacrifice!

11. Game Night? Not if it’s Monopoly!

Meghan might be a fan of a good board game, but Monopoly was off the table in the royal household. Rumor has it that Queen Elizabeth II herself banned the game because it gets too competitive. Apparently, the royals take their real estate dealings a little too seriously! So, while we’re happily bankrupting our friends and family, Meghan had to stick to less contentious games like Scrabble or maybe even a royal round of charades.

12. Wedges? Not in Her Majesty’s Presence!

While Meghan might have rocked a pair of wedges on the red carpet, she had to ditch them for royal events. Queen Elizabeth II was reportedly not a fan of the shoe style, considering them too casual for formal occasions. So, while we’re strutting around in our comfy wedges, Meghan had to stick to classic pumps or sensible flats. Talk about a fashion sacrifice!

13. Gifts Galore? Not for Royals!

You might think becoming a royal means getting showered with gifts, but it’s not that simple. Meghan couldn’t accept gifts from strangers due to strict royal protocol. This is to prevent any potential conflicts of interest or accusations of favoritism. So, while we’re happily unwrapping birthday presents from our friends, Meghan had to politely decline any unsolicited gifts from her adoring public.

14. PDA? Keep it Private, Please!

While we might be used to seeing celebrities engaging in public displays of affection, Meghan and Harry had to keep their lovey-dovey moments behind closed doors. Royal protocol dictates that public displays of affection should be kept to a minimum. So, while we’re smooching our significant others in public, Meghan and Harry had to settle for a discreet handhold or a quick peck on the cheek. Talk about a royal romance!

15. Packing for a Trip? Don’t Forget the Black Dress!

When Meghan traveled with the royal family, she always had to pack a black outfit, just in case of a sudden death in the family. This somber tradition ensures that royals are appropriately dressed for mourning, no matter where they are in the world. So, while we might pack our suitcases with bright colors and fun patterns, Meghan had to make sure she had a black dress on hand at all times. Talk about a morbid travel essential!

16. Dinner with the Queen? Don’t Reach for Your Fork First!

Imagine sitting down to a state banquet at Buckingham Palace, surrounded by glittering chandeliers and priceless silverware. You’re famished after a long day of royal engagements, but hold your horses! Meghan couldn’t take a single bite until Queen Elizabeth II had started her meal. Talk about a test of patience! Even if your stomach is rumbling louder than a royal fanfare, you’ve gotta wait your turn when dining with the Queen.

17. Going Solo? Not in the Royal Playbook!

Fancy a spontaneous stroll through Hyde Park? Not if you’re Meghan Markle. Royal protection officers were her constant companions, even for the most mundane outings. Grocery shopping, coffee runs, even a quick trip to the gym – all required a full security detail. Forget about enjoying a moment of anonymity; Meghan’s every move was meticulously planned and monitored. Talk about a serious lack of “me time.”

18. Risqué Outfits? Not in the Queen’s Wardrobe!

Meghan might have turned heads with her daring fashion choices in Hollywood, but as a duchess, she had to adhere to a more conservative dress code. Plunging necklines, mini skirts, and anything remotely revealing were strictly off-limits. It was all about knee-length hemlines, modest necklines, and tasteful attire fit for a queen (or a duchess, in this case). So much for expressing her personal style!

19. Sweatpants in Public? Not a Royal Thing!

We all love a comfy pair of sweatpants, but Meghan couldn’t exactly rock athleisure wear while out and about. Royals are expected to maintain a polished and put-together look at all times, even when they’re just running errands. So, while we’re out here living our best comfy lives, Meghan had to stick to tailored trousers, elegant dresses, and perfectly coordinated outfits. Talk about a high-maintenance wardrobe!

20. Seat Shuffle? Not in the Royal Seating Chart!

You might think seating arrangements at a royal event are just a matter of preference, but you’d be wrong. There’s a strict protocol for who sits where, and Meghan couldn’t just plop down wherever she fancied. It’s like a real-life game of musical chairs, but with way fancier chairs and a whole lot more etiquette involved. Talk about a seating chart nightmare!

21. Fur-get About It, Meghan!

Meghan might have rocked a fur coat on a chilly Hollywood night, but as a royal, she had to ditch the fur. The palace has been moving towards more sustainable and animal-friendly fashion choices, and wearing fur would have been a major faux pas. So, while we’re cozying up in our faux fur jackets, Meghan had to find other ways to stay warm. It’s a small price to pay for royal status, right?

22. Spilling Royal Tea? Not Without the Queen’s Permission!

We all love a juicy tell-all interview, but Meghan couldn’t just dish about royal life whenever she felt like it. All media interactions were carefully orchestrated by the palace, with every word and image meticulously controlled. So, while we’re binge-watching Oprah interviews and royal documentaries, Meghan had to keep her lips sealed and let the palace PR machine do the talking.

23. Business Empire? Not in the Royal Realm!

Meghan might have had entrepreneurial dreams, but as a royal, her career options were severely limited. Signing business contracts or launching her own ventures was out of the question, as it could have created conflicts of interest and tarnished the royal family’s image. So, while we’re out here building our businesses and chasing our dreams, Meghan had to settle for ribbon-cutting ceremonies and charity events.

24. Holding Hands? Not in Public, Please!

Meghan and Harry might have been head over heels in love, but they couldn’t exactly show it off with public displays of affection. Royal protocol dictates that PDAs should be kept to a minimum, especially during official engagements. So, while we’re smooching our significant others in public, Meghan and Harry had to settle for a discreet handhold or a quick peck on the cheek. Talk about keeping the romance under wraps!

25. Political Rallies? Not for Royals!

Meghan might have her own strong political opinions, but as a royal, she had to remain strictly neutral. No campaigning for candidates, no attending political rallies, and no voicing her opinions on controversial issues. It’s like living in a world where you can’t even wear a political button without causing a scandal.

26. Blogging Blues: Meghan’s Thoughts Stay Under Wraps

Forget about late-night musings or candid confessions online – as a royal, Meghan Markle couldn’t maintain a personal blog or social media account. Every tweet, Instagram post, or Facebook update had to be carefully curated and approved by the palace. While we’re busy sharing our lives online, Meghan had to keep her thoughts and opinions strictly private. Talk about a social media detox!

27. Jet-Setting? Not Without the Queen’s Permission Slip!

Ever dreamed of jetting off to exotic locales on a whim? Not if you’re Meghan Markle. As a royal, she couldn’t travel abroad without the Queen’s approval, especially for official royal tours. Even a weekend getaway to Paris required a formal request and a carefully planned itinerary. So much for spontaneous adventures and last-minute vacations!

28. Outfit Repeater? Not in the Royal Fashion Rulebook!

We all have our favorite outfits that we love to wear on repeat, but that wasn’t an option for Meghan. Royals are expected to wear new outfits for every public appearance, a tradition that’s been around for centuries. So, while we’re happily rocking our go-to jeans and t-shirt combo, Meghan had to constantly debut new looks, each one more glamorous than the last. Talk about a wardrobe budget!

29. Solo Shopping Spree? Not a Royal Thing!

Fancy a leisurely stroll through the shops, browsing for the latest trends? Not if you’re Meghan Markle. Even a simple shopping trip required a full security detail, with bodyguards and aides accompanying her every step of the way. So much for a relaxing day of retail therapy! Instead, Meghan had to navigate crowded stores with a team of security guards in tow, making impromptu purchases or trying on clothes in peace nearly impossible.

30. Baby Name Brainstorming? Get the Queen’s Approval First!

Choosing a baby name is a big decision for any parent, but for Meghan and Harry, it was even more complicated. Royal baby names have to be approved by the Queen, who has the final say on whether a name is suitable for a future king or queen. So, while we’re free to name our children after our favorite celebrities or fictional characters, Meghan and Harry had to stick to traditional royal names like Archie and Lilibet. Talk about a naming ceremony with a royal twist!

31. Garlic Breath? Not on the Queen’s Watch!

You might love a garlicky pasta dish or a fragrant curry, but Meghan had to watch her garlic intake when dining with the Queen. Turns out, her Majesty wasn’t a fan of the pungent aroma. So, while we’re enjoying our garlic bread and hummus, Meghan had to settle for blander fare. Imagine having to pass on the garlic aioli at a state dinner! Talk about a sacrifice for royal etiquette.

32. Parliamentary Power? Not for This Duchess!

Meghan might have strong opinions on political matters, but she couldn’t exactly cast a ballot in the House of Commons or influence government decisions. Royals are expected to remain strictly neutral and avoid any actions that could be seen as partisan. So, while we’re debating Brexit and casting our votes, Meghan had to bite her tongue and keep her political views to herself. A royal life, it seems, is not a politically active one.

33. Meghan Tipsy in Public? Not a Royal Look!

We all like to let loose and have a few drinks with friends, but Meghan had to be careful not to overindulge in public. Royals are expected to maintain a certain level of decorum, and that includes drinking in moderation. So, while we’re sipping margaritas and toasting to good times, Meghan had to stick to a single glass of wine or politely decline altogether. A royal buzzkill, indeed!

34. Social Issues? Keep Those Opinions on the DL!

Meghan might be passionate about social justice and equality, but she couldn’t exactly use her platform as a royal to advocate for her causes. Royals are expected to remain apolitical and avoid taking sides on controversial issues. So, while we’re out there marching in protests and sharing our views on social media, Meghan had to keep her opinions to herself. Talk about a silenced voice!

35. Hugs and Kisses? Not for the Paparazzi!

While we might shower our children with affection in public, Meghan had to be more reserved with her displays of love for Archie and Lilibet. Royal protocol dictates that public displays of affection should be kept to a minimum, especially during official engagements. So, while we’re hugging and kissing our kids in front of everyone, Meghan had to settle for a discreet pat on the back or a quick hug. It’s a tough sacrifice for any mom, royal or not!

36. Pantsuit Power? Not in the Royal Dress Code!

Meghan might have rocked a power suit in her pre-royal days, but as a duchess, pants were a no-go for formal events like state dinners or royal weddings. Think floor-length gowns and elegant skirts, not sleek trousers. While we might be out here slaying in our pantsuits, Meghan had to stick to the traditional royal dress code. A bit of a fashion bummer, if you ask me!

37. Speaking Out of Turn? Not in Front of the Queen!

Imagine being at a royal banquet, dying to share a hilarious anecdote or a burning question. But hold your tongue! Meghan couldn’t utter a word until Queen Elizabeth II had spoken first. It’s a strict rule of royal protocol, a real-life “speak when spoken to” situation. So, while we’re chatting it up with friends and family, Meghan had to practice the art of polite silence. Talk about a conversation killer!

38. Bling-Bling? Keep it Low-Key, Duchess!

Meghan might have had access to a treasure trove of jewels and designer clothes, but she couldn’t exactly flaunt her wealth. Royals are expected to maintain a certain level of modesty and avoid any ostentatious displays. So, while we might be tempted to show off our latest designer purchase, Meghan had to keep her bling on the down-low. After all, it’s not very royal to be flashy, is it?

39. Political Donations? Not on a Royal’s To-Do List!

Meghan might have supported various causes and charities, but she couldn’t donate to political campaigns or organizations. Royals have to remain strictly neutral in political matters, which means no financial contributions to any political party or candidate. So, while we’re writing checks to our favorite politicians, Meghan had to keep her wallet firmly shut. Talk about a political sacrifice!

40. Passport Problems? Not for Royals!

While we might have to deal with the hassle of renewing our passports and applying for visas, Meghan didn’t have those worries. As a royal, she traveled on a diplomatic passport, which comes with a whole host of perks and privileges. Imagine breezing through customs and security without a second glance! It’s just another one of those royal perks we can only dream of.


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